How to Spot Fake Nike Shoes

How to Spot Fake Nike Shoes

Nike sneakers are among the world’s most famous shoes, ensuring they’re a top priority for counterfeiters. If you are not vigilant when making a buy, you may be ending up with a pair of fake shoes rather than genuine ones. Luckily there are a variety of tell-tale indications you should check for to stop others from scamming or cheating you. The following tips can guide you on making a wise buying decision.

5 signals that the Nike shoe you are about to buy is Fake

Are you in a dilemma or not sure the ideal shoes to buy next? Don’t worry, many other buyers are still in this pool. Don’t just choose the pair that pleases your eyes most. Rather, ensure the Nike shoes you buy are legit!

These 5 tips can help you make a wise decision and to avoid buying fake Nike Shoes.

Are the shoes made of Phylon?

Phylon is a material composed of ethylene-vinyl acetate. It is lightweight yet durable. That’s why Nike makes use of it for their sneakers. Test to see what the Phylon shoes you think are made of. They should be really gentle while they are, and will return to usual after folding.

You’re staring at a bogus Nike shoe if you find that the soles aren’t smooth and don’t easily regain their shape. If the rubber is on the shoe it will be good quality BRS-1000 rubber so you can normally tell the difference. This is crucial because fake Nike shoes aren’t going to regulate movement very well, and if you’re attempting to use them for athletic purposes, they could end up unsafe.


Check your Nike label

Focus on the Nike shoe name. Fake brands can be misspelled. Don’t believe the shoe’s origins because Nike is manufacturing worldwide. In addition to this, real Nike logos inside the shoe have a black sign in white letters reading: Any of the fakes would have the word “Made in China” on top.

True marks on Nike sneakers will be sewn on the shoe’s tongue. It is this little info that will help convince you whether you’ve been scammed by purchasing fake Nike sneakers.

The ‘sticker law’ has several unusual exceptions. These are typically exclusive limited-edition sneakers or an extra mark is placed on a sticker. Older shoes purchased as a collection piece can differ, too. If that is the case, look for certain options to recognize an initial Nike shoe to be positive or search with other sneakerheads on your specific shoe variant on a sneaker website.

Look at the material

From Louis Vuitton luxury luggage to Ray-Ban shades, anything is widely sold as fakes, but perhaps the only way to tell if they’re real is to look closely. The Nike sneakers are designed to the highest level of price. If you see frayed seams or the toe has fallen off, just mildly, from one of the garments, then it may be a forgery. This is one of the most critical means of distinguishing authentic Nike shoes vs false Nike shoes.

Below are few pictures of a fake Nike shoe with frayed seams. If you want to tell us if your Nike shoes are fake, just start by examining the content. Take the shoes in hand and strive to reach the cotton or leather. Nike still uses good quality fabrics to produce sneakers. If the shoes claim they’re made from leather, then they have to look like that. If the shoes are comfortable and sturdy then you would definitely see a good product. If the shoes are rough, rigid and uneven they would probably be false.


Do the Nike shoes come in a box?

If you purchased the Nike sneakers, and they were shipped safely, but they come with plastic wrap instead of a package, that may indicate trouble. If you offer a second hand, the Nike sneakers will still be authentic but the retailer has thrown the package away. If they are meant to be fresh, they wouldn’t have a box so there is no justification. Falsified sneakers are almost always going to come in a plastic bag so be cautious. For whatever excuse, for men, women or unisex models, counterfeit sneakers only come in size 9, but if you don’t see some of the Nike shoes online or from the individual you’re purchasing them with loads of models except size 9, that could be a hint they’re not real Nike shoes.

Similarly, sample shoes are only available in sizes US 9, 10 and 11 for adults, 7 for women and 3.5 for kids. If the salesperson claims it’s a demo, just not one of the styles, they’re going to be fake sneakers, not real Nike.

Stock keeping number

Test the amount of SKU. That is the number used to maintain track of the items, and it will also match with both the items and the package exactly. If you have a pair of Nike sneakers that have a different number of SKUs than the one on the package, they are most definitely fake sneakers. Otherwise, someone markets the wrong sneakers in the wrong package, which may also mean that something fishy is happening with your Nike shoes.

You’ll need to double test where you got the Nike shoes though. The initial package could have been misunderstood, or there was a real slip up when the shipment was packaged and the order made.

Knowing your brand better

While you’re putting on your Nike sneakers, you’ll soon find the gap in the price of actual and false ones. Whether it’s online or in-person, only purchase Nike shoes from reputable sources and check for all the above indications if the Nike shoes are fake or real.

People who have been purchasing Nike sneakers for years should be in a far stronger place to decide whether the sneakers are true or false. They could tell you about slipping their foot in the shoe and gaging the sensation. Ultimately, you’ll be willing to look at them and say them whether they’re fake Nike sneakers.